we double coupons

We Double Coupons

Looking for easy ways to save on your grocery bill? Bring your coupons in and we will double any Manufacturer coupon up to 54¢. Why spend extra when you don't have to?

Please see our coupon policy or visit our customer service desk for questions.

    1. One coupon per item.
    2. Manufacturers' coupons will be doubled every day - valued at 54¢ or less.
    3. In-ad coupons are excluded from doubling.
    4. Limit of 15 doubled coupons per family, per visit, per day.
    5. More than 15 coupons may be used, but coupons over the limit of 15 will be redeemed at face value only.
    6. Limit 5 "Like" coupons.
    7. Coupons marked "not to be doubled" will be accepted at face value only.
    8. Coupons will never exceed the purchase price of the merchandise.
    9. We will accept Internet or manufacturers coupons up to $3.99 face value.
    10. The amount of the coupon cannot exceed 50% of the retail price.
    11. Buy One Get One FREE coupons are accepted on the item purchased (an additional coupon cannot be applied to the second item).
    12. FREE or Complimentary coupons of any kind will not be accepted.